Pacific Equity And Loan Acquires Emerald Capital Funding

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Emerald Capital Funding - Pacific Equity and LoanThis week Pacific Equity & Loan, a hard money lender based in Washington state, acquired Emerald Capital Funding. Done to “provide more resources and investment opportunity to real estate investors in the Washington market,” according to a statement from PEL, the merger will see all of ECF’s staff move over to PEL.

“The move comes amid a rapidly evolving mortgage industry in specifically the private money and hard money lending sector,” ECF’s President and Founder Christopher Robinson commented. “We need to stay ahead of the curve and assure that our customer receive the best value, the best technology, and continue to work with a trusted local lender.”

Speaking to deBanked, Sang Yoon, PEL’s Director of Business Development and Co-founder said that he was excited to move forward, noting that it’s a “two heads are better than one situation. By merging or acquiring a company, we are better able to service our customers.”

Last modified: January 12, 2020
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