deBanked Throwback Thursday

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As we count down the end of the decade, I thought you might want to take a glimpse of how the decade started here at deBanked. Below is a snapshot of the main merchant cash info page that was on our site in December 2010!


debanked in 2010

When 2010 ended, I published the following predictions for 2011:

  • Businesses will increasingly face pressure on past due taxes and as a consequence would face smaller funding offers with higher costs.
  • Credit card processors will venture into funding their own clients rather than rely on 3rd party MCA companies.
  • Brokers will increasingly begin to fund their own deals.
  • Increasing competition will create downward pressure on costs.
  • It will become harder for desperate businesses to obtain funds from anywhere, including MCAs.

Might some of that be true of the recent years?????

You can still find some of our original 2010 content here.

Last modified: December 26, 2019
Sean Murray

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