OnDeck Repurchased 3.2M Shares, Reports $8.7M Q3 Profit

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OnDeckOnDeck announced this morning that it has repurchased 3.2M of its own shares for $11M since making its buyback announcement on July 29th. The company intends to repurchase another $39M worth.

OnDeck was profitable in Q3, reporting a net income of $8.7M on originations of $629M. Although that was an increase over the previous quarter, the year-over-year decline was said to be a reflection of “tightening underwriting criteria and market dynamics.”

The average term loan was for $56,000 with an average maturity of 13 months. The company’s line of credit program is growing and now accounts for 21% of the company’s total loans and finance receivables at quarter-end, up 15% from last year.

“OnDeck expects the current operating environment to extend into 2020 with increased profitability,” their quarterly report said.

Last modified: October 24, 2019

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