Enova’s Small Business Division Garner’s Limelight in Q2

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enovaLate last month, Enova released its second quarter report for 2019. Generally bearing positive news, the report asserts that the company is in a good position due to increasing demand, growth in various areas, and reductions in financing costs.

Total revenue is up from Q2 2018, rising 13% from $253 million to $286 million, just as net income has risen from $18 million to $25 million.

“We are pleased to report another quarter of solid financial results that exceeded our expectations on both the top and bottom line,” said Enova CEO David Fisher in the earnings call. “Our strong financial performance was driven by solid demand, stable credit, and efficient marketing spend. We continue to demonstrate our ability to produce sustainable and profitable growth and our second quarter results further validate this balanced approach.”

Speaking more specifically about which divisions of Enova have excelled, Fisher highlighted the small business sector, which is composed of Headway Capital and The Business Backer. “NetCredit and our small business financing products were the primary growth drivers during Q2, with domestic revenue up 19% year over year … Our products are clearly gaining traction with customers, resulting in originations increasing 140% year over year, and small business now represents 12% of our book at the end of Q2.”

Jim Granat, Enova’s Head of Small Business Financing, chalked such gains up to “having a great team, a good strategy, and a great company behind us that has the ability to invest in the analytics, tech, and people.” The strategy he speaks of is titled ‘Faster and Easier,’ a modus operandi began by him after his arrival to the company in 2018. It is data-driven and involves incorporating certain individual operations of Headway and Business Backer, and streamlining these processes so that the brands overlap for particular actions. Implemented with the belief that “doing it internally would lead to speed and ease externally,” ‘Faster and Easier’ appears to be working, if one takes Fisher’s comments and the report as affirmation.

“We’ve been working really hard and hopefully the results of that show in the fruits of these efforts,” said Granat. “We are just in the beginning of what we can accomplish, these projects take a while and we are incredibly excited about the second half of 2019, let alone 2020 and beyond.”

Last modified: August 16, 2019
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