JTT Funding STILL Impersonating Rival Funding Company, Court Docs Allege

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imposterA Court-ordered injunction hasn’t prevented New York ISO JTT Funding from continuing to pretend to be Accel Capital, a new motion filed in New York County this week argues. In May, JTT Funding failed to appear in court to defend itself against claims it was impersonating Accel Capital when contracting with merchants. After reviewing the evidence, the judge ordered JTT to stop using the name, logo and likeness of Accel.

Allegedly, JTT is undeterred and is continuing to represent itself as Accel Capital. When merchants deceived by the imposter accidentally reach out to the real company, they learn they’ve been duped. Accel attached contracts as evidence between merchants and the imposter that are dated after the injunction was issued, the docket shows. The phone # in the phony contracts belongs to JTT Funding, according to a Google search.

One of those contracts promises a merchant that they have been approved for $818,000 and in order to obtain the funding they need to first send a payment of $36,932.70 to the imposter.

JTT Funding is the same company that was alleged to have forged a Confession of Judgment last year. Like in the Accel case, JTT never appeared to defend itself.

The Accel Capital suit can be found in the New York Supreme Court under Index Number: 153447/2018

Last modified: July 26, 2018

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