Judge Grants Restraining Order Against Deceptive Funding Company

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Court OrderJTT Funding, the company previously accused of having forged a Confession of Judgment, stands accused now of stealing the identity of a rival funding company. On May 3rd, New York Supreme Court Judge W. Franc Perry granted an injunction against JTT Funding from using the name, logo and likeness of Accel Capital from its marketing and contract materials.

Similar to the forged COJ suit (which was brought by FundKite), JTT Funding did not answer or contest the claims.

Plaintiff Accel Capital demonstrated in their papers that an agent of JTT was using a gmail address with “accelcapital” in the name and the company’s logo in its contracts. When a merchant funded by JTT Funding (who pretended to be Accel) inadvertently contacted the real Accel Capital, the scheme was revealed.

JTT Funding went on to ignore Accel’s Cease and Desist letter, court papers say, which led to the lawsuit and demand for an immediate injunction.

According to the Financial Times, JTT Funding is owned by Queens-born mixed martial arts fighter Jim “The Tyrant” Boudourakis. In his October 2017 interview with the publication, Boudourakis said, “There was a learning curve, going from being a fighter to a salesman. But I’m good with people.” FT also reported that his company had 18 full-time salespeople and was funding $4 – $5 million per month.

In the FundKite suit, it is alleged that Boudourakis’ first name Jim is an alias.

The Accel Capital suit can be found in the New York Supreme Court under Index Number: 153447/2018

Last modified: May 6, 2018

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