Study Reveals Positivity and Concerns of Small Business Owners

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According to a survey conducted by SmartBiz Loans and released today, almost 57 percent of small business owners said their outlook on business growth over the next 12 months was “fairly positive” or “positive.” And 35 percent of respondents reported that the new tax plan has already caused them to make changes in their business, with ten percent reporting that they are actively investing in new equipment or staffing.

“This positivity points to the resiliency of small business owners,” said CEO of SmartBiz Evan Singer. “They know circumstances are changing, and they’re adapting as needed.”

As for concerns, according to the survey, 31 percent of respondents said that securing lower cost financing was a priority concern. Twenty-two percent of small business owners “agree” or “strongly agree” that access to credit has become easier in the last few years, however 49 percent of small business owners “agree” or “strongly agree” that the cost of credit has increased.

Regarding non-credit related concerns, 53 percent of small business owners named the cost of providing health insurance for employees and a key business consideration. And 49 percent said that finding and hiring quality employees was a top concern.

Nine out of 10 small business owners said they value experience over education in new hires, while 31 percent said they were willing to hire candidates who lack some qualifications and train them. In what the report described as a “difficult hiring environment,”  in order to retain employees, 51 percent of owners said they were offering more flexible work arrangements and 33 percent said they were increasing wages.


Last modified: June 5, 2018
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