PeerIQ Report Shows Mixed Signs for Non-Bank Lending

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PeerIQ released its 2Q2018 Lending Earnings Insight Report today, presenting forward-looking insights into the FinTech & non-bank space.   

The report said that CEOs and CFOs see tax reform as increasing consumers’ disposable income. However, “an increasing supply for credit and demand for credit, as well as re-normalization trends and increased competition are leading to higher charge-offs.”

Credit performance this quarter is mixed, the report says. The analysts observe improvements, yet also record low delinquencies from OnDeck, OneMain Holdings and FinTechs in particular. At the same time, LendingClub expects 31 bps lower charge-offs moving forward due to tighter credit standards. At Discover – which is typically a bellwether for personal loan performance – the net charge-off rate jumped 92 basis points year over year to 3.62 percent. This is the largest increase in several years.

According to the report, card issuers are increasing loan loss reserves at a higher rate than loan growth, indicating expectations of higher losses moving forward. The report also notes that banks are either partnering with FinTechs or investing in ramping up their technology capabilities in payments, lending, digital banking and wealth management.

Lenders are taking actions to pass rising rates on to borrowers to protect margins and investor returns, the report says. Lenders are also trying to reduce all-in funding costs by reducing the credit spreads on their securitizations.

On the brighter side, the report said that “FinTech and Non-Banks overall posted good revenue growth [in Q1 2018] in the range of 7% to 25% and most expressed optimism about the exceedingly good credit environment we find ourselves in.” Enova, OneMain Holdings and OnDeck saw some of the lowest charge-offs, with Lending Club indicating that expected charge-offs across grades would be up to 31 bps lower, according to the report.


Last modified: June 7, 2018

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