How One Company is Helping MCA Brokers and Clients Through Credit Repair

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Joe Clapman, Venture Credit Solutions
Joe Clapman, founder and CEO, Venture Credit Solutions

Venture Credit Solutions, a New Jersey-based credit repair business, was created in 2016 by founder and CEO Joe Clapman. Because of extensive licensing and other legal conditions required to run a credit repair shop, the company didn’t start operating until the beginning of this year, with a soft launch at deBanked’s Miami event in January.    

Formerly an MCA broker, Clapman saw firsthand that really bad personal credit could hinder one’s ability to get cash advances for their businesses, along with home mortgages and even jobs. So he started a consumer credit repair business. He is very clear about what he can and cannot do.

“We get erroneous items that do not belong on your credit report, off,” he said.  

He cannot recoup people’s money or eliminate credit card debt. He does not guarantee that he will improve your credit score, but he maintains that when negative erroneous data is removed, generally FICO scores go up and people become eligible for more credit or better credit.

This can benefit MCA brokers by allowing them to take unfundable or less fundable MCA clients and turn them into additional clients for credit repair. Clapman said that brokers for credit repair can get a commission similar to a $15,000 to $20,000 MCA deal.

“We don’t have some secret handshake with Equifax and Experian,” Clapman said.  “We can’t do anything you can’t do on your own.”

Instead, Clapman told deBanked that Venture Credit Solutions is a service-based company of researchers, who he calls “information givers,” that are trained in determining the accuracy of data on personal credit reports.

“Any data on your credit report has to be accurate to the letter,” he said.

Clapman and his team make money only when they are able to successfully prove inaccurate data and remove it from a customer’s credit report. Every line of a customer’s report is itemized and the customer is told beforehand how much they will pay Venture Credit Solutions if the company is able to prove that the data is inaccurate.

And data is either accurate or it isn’t.

“If someone tells me that something is accurately described on their credit report, it’s actually illegal for me to try and get it removed,” Clapman said.

While Venture Credit Solutions provides services to individual consumers, they do not advertise to the general public. Instead, they get business from brokers, who Clapman calls “referral agents.” These are MCA and real estate brokers, among others, who are trying to improve their client’s credit – if it has been inaccurately reported.

Clapman gave the example of an MCA merchant who signed a document allowing his broker to submit an application to only one funder. But the broker sent the application out to like 93 funders, severely damaging his credit because of all the credit inquiries.

“We can help him to get all these inquiries off,” Clapman said.

One of the core mantras at Venture Credit Solutions is “The client is your client.” This is important to Clapman because he wants to communicate to his referral agents that the company is not trying to steal their clients – by, for instance, finding the client a lower mortgage. Doing something like this would adversely affect the customer’s credit, which is exactly what Venture Credit Solutions is trying to improve.  

“We’re trying to create a win-win process,” Clapman said. “The broker is winning because he’s not losing a client, he’s helping a client [and getting a commision.] And the client is winning because his credit is getting better.”

Clapman said that he is in talks with the New York and New Jersey police and fire departments to potentially help their members who might have erroneous data on their credit reports.

Venture Credit Solutions also has a program for startup companies, designed to improve and build the credit of entrepreneurs. The company now has 15 people working at its office in New Jersey and it plans to be onboarding at least an additional 30 within the next two weeks. Some will work remotely, but all will be in the US, Clapman said.


Last modified: March 5, 2018
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