In 2018, Sell More and Make More Money

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Did you hear about the MCA sales rep that made a $160,000 commission this week on a single deal? It was a monster deal, the largest ever approved by the company that funded it. Numbers like that are proof that facilitating commercial finance deals is still red hot.

I sold more

That’s me in that photo above, wearing that shirt back in 2009 when the industry was not even a fraction of the size it is today. Hat tip to the friend who found this. I used to joke about putting on your funding pants but perhaps in 2018 it’s time to put on a selling shirt too.

In 2018, will you sell more and make more money?

If you want to operate at the top of your game, I highly suggest you register to attend Broker Fair 2018. With 24 major sponsors already signed on, Broker Fair will be the place to learn, get inspired, and connect with the right people to do even more business.

May the next big commission check belong to you.

Last modified: January 4, 2018
Sean Murray

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