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After several company announcements recently, we’ve compiled a milestone chart to plot where they rank. Originations may indicate business loans or MCAs funded on balance sheet, brokered, or placed through a marketplace. These rankings are a work in progress. This chart may not include companies for which public data is not available. If you’d like your figures to be listed here, e-mail sean@debanked.com.

Company Origination Volume Since Inception Year Founded
OnDeck $8 Billion 2007
Kabbage $4 Billion 2009
Yellowstone Capital $2 Billion 2009
BFS Capital $1.7 Billion 2002
Funding Circle $1 Billion (US only) 2010
IOU Financial $500 Million
Lending Club $500 Million (SMB loans only) 2006
SmartBiz Loans > $500 Million (SBA loans) 2009
Lendio > $500 Milllion
Forward Financing $275 Million 2012
Blue Bridge Financial $200 Million 2009

Last modified: December 10, 2017
Sean Murray

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    South End Capital

    ROK Financial

    Vox Funding

    Queen Funding

    Better Accounting Solutions

    Amerifi Capital

    Fox Business Funding

    Merchant Financing Leads

    Highland Hill Capital

    Fenix Capital Funding




    United Fund USA

    Spartan Capital

    CFG Merchant Solutions

    National Funding


    Central Diligence Group

    CAN Capital

    Idea Financial

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    Forward Financing

    Dedicated Financial GBC

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