Originations Since Inception

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After several company announcements recently, we’ve compiled a milestone chart to plot where they rank. Originations may indicate business loans or MCAs funded on balance sheet, brokered, or placed through a marketplace. These rankings are a work in progress. This chart may not include companies for which public data is not available. If you’d like your figures to be listed here, e-mail sean@debanked.com.

Company Origination Volume Since Inception Year Founded
OnDeck $8 Billion 2007
Kabbage $4 Billion 2009
Yellowstone Capital $2 Billion 2009
BFS Capital $1.7 Billion 2002
Funding Circle $1 Billion (US only) 2010
IOU Financial $500 Million
Lending Club $500 Million (SMB loans only) 2006
SmartBiz Loans > $500 Million (SBA loans) 2009
Lendio > $500 Milllion
Forward Financing $275 Million 2012
Blue Bridge Financial $200 Million 2009

Last modified: December 10, 2017
Sean Murray

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