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square capital approvedIt was a year to remember, our sources declare

‘Twas the Jan/Feb issue I wrote about my loan from Square

Texting Merchants - PicThrough March into April salespeople closed deals via text

As banks looked to fintech as their plan for what’s next

Fort Worth StockyardsWe went to Texas a nexus for finance and lending

It was May, maybe June when Bizfi’s final days were pending

Will Fintech Dethrone Traditional Banking?Merchants talked, banks adjusted, it was a summer of learnings

For the pressure was on to produce solid quarterly earnings

ramsay tax liensSeptember, October, liens and judgements were removed

But the world hardly noticed and deals still got approved

bitcoin vs dollarsWinter coats and furry hats meant the year would end soon

But by golly 10k, no 19k! Bitcoin went straight to the moon!

2018And so boys and girls the story of ‘17 has been told

What a time for finance, for money, and a world to behold

See you in ‘18, in ‘19, and the roaring twenties my friend

We’ll be right there, whether you deal in receivables or lend


– Sean Murray
Last modified: August 13, 2018
Sean Murray

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