Update: PayPal Acquired Swift Capital for $183M

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According to a filing with the SEC, PayPal acquired Swift Capital for $183 million.

We completed the acquisition of Swift Financial Corporation (“Swift Financial”) in September 2017 by acquiring all of the outstanding shares for a total purchase price of approximately $183 million. We acquired Swift Financial to enable us to enhance our underwriting capabilities and strengthen our business financing offerings, helping us to deepen relationships with our existing merchants and expand services to new merchants. The allocation of purchase consideration resulted in approximately $44 million of technology and customer-related intangible assets with an estimated useful life of 1 to 3 years, $173 million of merchant receivables, net liabilities of approximately $139 million and initial goodwill of approximately $105 million, which is attributable to the workforce of Swift Financial and the synergies expected to arise from the acquisition. We do not expect goodwill to be deductible for income tax purposes. The gross contractual merchant receivables acquired are approximately $213 million. Management estimates that the cash collected will approximate the contractual amounts of merchant receivables. The allocation of the purchase price for this acquisition has been prepared on a preliminary basis and changes to the allocation to certain assets, liabilities and tax estimates may occur as additional information becomes available.

Source: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-4BS3R8/5480917220x0xS1633917-17-171/1633917/filing.pdf

Last modified: October 30, 2017

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