Funding Circle is Closing its Forum

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Funding Circle BoardOne notable remaining aspect of Funding Circle’s peer-to-peer roots has been its own online forum. If you haven’t been part of that community, you’re too late, since it’s shutting down on Tuesday.

According to a forum admin, “there has been a developing trend towards a small number of investors asking questions about a narrow range of technical topics – most of which are better dealt with through our Investor Support team. Therefore we have taken the decision to close the forum at 6pm [UK time] on Tuesday 2nd May. We hope you will all continue sharing your views on Funding Circle over on the P2P Independent Forum, which we will continue to monitor.

One forum user jokingly theorized that the move was really about silencing investors who use the forum to complain about delinquent borrowers, going so far as to create a humorously custom-captioned movie clip.

According to P2P Finance News, a Funding Circle spokesperson said, “The closure has nothing to do with the performance of Funding Circle property development loans over the last three years which continue to outperform expectations. Investors have earned an average of seven per cent since launch and more than £22m in interest on property loans alone.”

Update 5/2: The Funding Circle Forum has officially been taken down. The URL now just redirects to a general FAQ page

Last modified: May 7, 2017

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