WebBank Releases Earnings, Market Valuation

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Utah flag on moneyWebBank, a Salt Lake City-based bank commonly used by online lenders such as Avant, CAN Capital and Prosper to make loans nationwide, reported year-end figures last week through an SEC filing. The company is 91.2% owned by Steel Partners Holdings L.P (NYSE:SPLP). The bank reported net income of $29.2 million for 2016.

“Despite significant declines in a number of WebBank’s key programs, caused by capital market disruptions, WebBank successfully added new partners, new products and began holding more assets to maturity in 2016,” the report read.

Although Steel Partners also owns businesses in energy, defense, logistics, food products and more, WebBank is its most valuable segment with a market valuation of $319.4 million. That number, according to the release, is 12x the company’s after-tax net income.

Web Bank Value

Steel Partners got in on WebBank early, making their initial investment in the bank more than 20 years ago in 1996.

“WebBank offers revolving and closed-end credit to consumers and small businesses nationwide, partnering with nonbank finance companies, financial technology platforms, retailers and manufacturers to offer access to WebBank’s products,” the report says.”Revenue is largely derived from these loans, which provide fee and interest income.”

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Last modified: March 20, 2017

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