Biz2Credit – Citigroup Small Business Loan Partnership Spotted

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Business Insider revealed that Biz2credit and Citigroup have quietly partnered up on a website to make small business loans up to $1 million. There was no actual link to it, so we’ve found it ourselves.

The link appears in several areas of Citi’s website under the small business finance category and that brings you here:

Biz2Credit citibank

When you go to register, a page pops up insisting that this isn’t a loan application, but rather just a “worksheet” to have a banker from Citi call you within 2 days. “It will be used by a Citibank Banker to discuss your financing needs,” it reads.

Worksheet Intro

The worksheet asks for very basic information such as name, business name, address, annual revenue, and financing requested.

If this doesn’t sound overly advanced, perhaps that’s why it’s being kept on the down low. According to Business Insider, Biz2credit CEO Rohit Arora said they have chosen not to publicize the effort because it’s in the very early stages.

The cat’s out of the bag now…

Last modified: January 27, 2017

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