Citizens Bank to Use Fundation’s Tech and Services in 2017

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Fundation is back at it, this time announcing a deal with Citizens Bank to offer “digital lending capabilities to small business customers.”

According to a press release:
The added capability will enable small businesses to apply for loans and lines of credit through a simple online application at In most cases approval is provided within minutes, and loans are funded in as little as three business days. Additionally, Fundation will offer credit to some customers that do not meet Citizens’ credit guidelines, helping the bank to serve more of its small business customers’ credit needs.

Expected to go into effect in mid-2017, it should be a huge improvement to Citizen’s existing online loan application process, which doesn’t appear to even exist. A cursory review of their website indicates that business owners can at best, schedule a consultation with a banker over the phone.

Fundation has transformed this process for other banks in the past, Regions Bank for example, as we showed in a prior post. The partnership should be valuable for both Fundation and Citizens.

Last modified: December 21, 2016

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