Square Swaps Out Merchant Cash Advances for Business Loans

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Square SwapSquare’s merchant cash advance program is already among the biggest in the world, but they’ve got even bigger plans, or maybe just different ones.

The company announced on Thursday that they will now be offering true business loans as well through a partnership with Celtic Bank, an industrial bank chartered by the State of Utah. The WSJ reports that loan payments will also be made via a split of future credit card sale activity but with the caveat of there ultimately being a fixed term. This is coincidentally how PayPal’s loan product works.

The WSJ makes it seem as if both products will run alongside each other, but a Square merchant revealed to deBanked that all of the language on Square Capital’s application portal has changed from advances to loans. Even the promotional materials have changed to reflect that it may take more than just an automated review of historical credit card sales activity to get approved and funded. Also, all Square loans are subject to credit approval, whereas no credit check was required for merchant cash advances. Applicants may be required to produce a photo ID and other documents for further verification. North Dakota businesses are prohibited from borrowing altogether.

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Square’s loans require that merchants process at least $10,000 or more a year. Borrowers must pay at least 1/18th of their initial loan balance every 60 days. PayPal by comparison requires that their borrowers pay down 10% of their loan amount every 90 days.

A Square merchant was not able to locate any mention of the merchant cash advance program. It’s all loans now.

Did Square really just add business loans to their arsenal or have they traded MCAs for the bank charter lending model?

Square Capital Terms and Conditions

Update: 3/25 2:54 PM Square confirmed that they have indeed replaced their merchant cash advance program with the loan program.

Last modified: March 25, 2016
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