Some deBanked Swag to Go With Your Magazine

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Some lucky funders and ISOs will receive a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card along with their deBanked magazine shipment thanks to Lenders Marketing, a trigger lead company specializing in merchant cash advance and business loan leads. The gift cards are in limited supply and recipients are being selected at random.

Lenders Marketing deBanked Swag

A similar swag lottery took place with deBanked’s May/June issue where dozens of recipients received a Starbucks gift card with their magazines. Those were also courtesy of Lenders Marketing.

And in related news, pictured below in the green Lenders Marketing hat is professional golfer Michael McCabe during the PGA Tour Barracuda Championship in Reno, Nevada. Behind him to his left in the white hat with sunglasses is Justin Benton of Lenders Marketing.

lenders marketing golf

Last modified: August 24, 2015
Sean Murray

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