Capify Consolidates Four Companies Including AmeriMerchant Under One Umbrella

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capifyWhat do US-based AmeriMerchant, UK-based United Kapital, Australia-based AUSvance, and Canada-based True North Capital all have in common? They’re now all under the Capify Umbrella. According to a press release issued earlier today,”Capify will now operate under one unified name to serve as a global conglomerate provider of alternative finance solutions, including business loans and additional working capital products, to small and medium-sized businesses. Capiota, United Kapital’s business loan product provider, will also be included in the global rebrand as a part of Capify’s UK office.”

The consolidation of an Australia-based funding company is notable since that country’s commercial financing landscape is the subject of an upcoming magazine feature story of deBanked’s July/August issue due to be distributed in a couple weeks. In that story, AUSvance’s John de Bree said of American interest over there, “I’m very surprised, the American market’s 15 times the size of ours.”

But as our readers will learn when the story is published, that market is just beginning to heat up.

David Goldin, the founder and CEO of AmeriMerchant will continue to be the consolidated company’s CEO and President. For those not familiar with his background, the release states:

Goldin created this business enterprise with no outside capital or funding and grew the company to more than 200 employees combined globally in all four offices. He entered the alternative lending space in 2002, after previously selling his startup company to Winstar Communications, a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded company at the time of the sale. Goldin has overcome many business obstacles including winning a ground-breaking patent lawsuit that threatened to end the U.S. alternative finance industry in its infancy stages. Via its proprietary underwriting technology platform, the company has demonstrated low default rates especially during the 2007-2009 global recession, a challenging time that resulted in the collapse of many alternative funding companies.

You can check out the full press release here.

Last modified: July 21, 2015
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