Mapping the Business Financing Industry (Sneak Peek)

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People often ask what the real presence of the merchant cash advance & business lending industry is like in New York City. Below is a map of Midtown Manhattan.

midtown manhattan business funding

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In the May/June issue that’s being sent off to the printers at this very moment, we explore the industry scene in lower Manhattan. Midtown may have been a birthing place and permanent home for industry titans, but Wall Street, long believed to be a haven for stock brokers has been overrun by a new kind of broker.

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Also in the May/June issue:

  • An examination of a new trend, consolidating loans and advances.
  • Watching everyone else get rich off alternative lending? Whether you’re in underwriting, administration, operations, or sales and whether you have a lot of money to invest or just a little, there are opportunities available to “get in”. You might be in this industry but are you in this industry? We’ll run through the basics of what’s available out there. Become a player or just educate yourself.
  • And more!
Last modified: May 28, 2015
Sean Murray

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