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Maybe you’re happy with your current job now.

Maybe you’re making a lot of money.

Maybe you’re not.

Or maybe you’re at least curious to see what’s out there?

This is an exciting time to be in the alternative business financing industry. The OnDeck IPO made several senior-level people in the company instant multi-millionaires, many of whom are only in their 30s.

Do you love your job?Now is the time

Back in 2007, payment processing professionals thought that the age of merchant cash advance was over. A Green Sheet writer in August of that year actually wrote a story about cash advance and said, “I think that boat has come and gone, and I missed it.”

And yet there were 20-somethings making between $200,000 to $1 Million a year. I knew a few of them and for their sakes, I won’t name names. The industry has treated those who are good at it very well.

Not everybody got rich though.

The industry got corporate really fast in 2008 and 2009 when it became apparent you couldn’t run a funding company like it was Delta Tau Chi in the movie Animal House. Commissions and salaries shrank and then leveled off for a time. But then the ACH payment methodology renewed the industry’s wild growth and made every business owner in the country a potential candidate for funding, rather than just those processing more than $5,000 a month in Visa/Mastercard sales.

Commissions shot up, way up. Opportunities exploded.

Today, having experience in the merchant cash advance or alternative business lending space is extremely valuable. It’s a buyer’s market. Demand for qualified and experienced professionals by funding companies and brokers far outpaces those looking for work. There are 20-somethings making well into the six figures again, particularly if they’re good at sales.

Other positions are in demand too: Operations, Underwriting, Administrative, Collections and more. If you have experience in these areas, there are employers very eager to talk to you.

But maybe you’re 100% happy.

Or maybe you’re not.

deBanked Jobs Message Sample

It’s a buyer’s market

Because the demand for experienced individuals is so overwhelmingly high, we’ve created the deBanked Jobs network and put the ball fully in the court of the job candidates. That means you can fill out a blind profile that details your background, but keeps your identifying information away from employers. Employers can view the background but they won’t be able to see your name, email address, or username. If they like your profile, they can contact you through the site.

You’ll be able to see who the employer is and their message when you log on. Only if you choose to email them or call them to schedule an interview will they ever know who you are. If you don’t do either, they’ll never know who you were. Like I said, the ball is in your court. Why not see who comes knocking once they’ve seen a little bit about you?

Initially, we’re only allowing a handful of vetted employers on the network to prevent abuse and solicit feedback. As of now an employer can only send you one message.

We’re also not sending email notifications so if you’ve registered with your work email address, job notifications will not be sent there. They can only be viewed by logging on.

If you no longer want your profile to be discoverable by employers, just untick this checkbox and click save. It’s unticked by default so if you’ve already set up a profile but forgot to tick the box, you won’t be receiving any messages anytime soon.


Anyone can create a jobs profile so long as they have a deBanked forum account. If you don’t have one, register here. Then just log on to create a profile on the network at

Have feedback? Notice a bug? Are you an employer looking to hire that wants access to this? Email

The industry’s growth is on fire. Are you happy with your place in it???

Last modified: May 5, 2015
Sean Murray

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