CFPB’s Small Business Lending RFI is Now Closed

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The window to share your two cents on the CFPB’s quest to collect data on small business lending has closed. The extended deadline to respond to the RFI was September 14th.

The agency received 2,668 comments, 650 of which you can read online. Most responses that deBanked reviewed asked the CFPB to exempt certain businesses such as community banks from the law. Others denounced the CFPB’s objective as misguided or poorly thought-out from the get-go.

Nevertheless, Section 1071 of the 2009 Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act directed the CFPB to collect data on small business lending presumably to determine if women and minorities are treated differently.

Some observers expected this initiative to be derailed when Richard Cordray, the Director of the CFPB, resigned to campaign for Governor of Ohio. However, the governor’s race is now in full swing and he has yet to resign, and could now possibly remain in his position until it expires next year.

The implementation of any resulting rule from the RFI would likely not take place until some time in the 2020s, sources contend.

Last modified: September 18, 2017
Sean Murray

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