Nominate Yourself to Be on the Small Business Lending Advisory Council

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main streetThe SBA is forming a Federal Advisory Committee to “provide advice and recommendations to SBA on matters relating to small business lending, private sector innovation in the small business lending community, and policy impacting small businesses’ ability to access capital, especially in underserved communities.”

The 25-member council will include 17 members that are current or former representatives of small business leaders, community leaders, representatives of financial institutions, and members of the small business lending community. Might this be you?

“Nominees must have experience and technical expertise in such areas as commercial lending, small business finance, government-guaranteed lending, small business advocacy or advisement, and expertise needed to provide advice on SBA’s loan programs,” the guidelines say.

If you’d like the opportunity to be considered, you can read more here and apply by emailing with the following information:

1. The first and last name of the nominee, as well as the nominee’s phone number and email address. (you can nominate yourself)

2. The nominator, including either the first and last name of the nominator and their current title, or the name of the organization.

3. The nominee’s state of residence.

4. A nomination letter, not to exceed 2 pages, that highlights the reason the nominee should serve on the Lending Council.

5. A summary of the nominee’s qualifications in a resumé or curriculum vitae, not to exceed 3 pages.

Last modified: April 21, 2024

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