Checking in On Stripe Capital

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stripe conference roomEveryone is well aware that Square does revenue-based financing loans, but lesser talked about is that Stripe does too. Stripe has been offering financing to merchants since at least 2019. Valued at more than $65 billion with IPO rumors swirling, Stripe has the potential to become one of the largest online small business lenders in the United States.

Stripe’s loan program is big enough to leave a trail of discussions across the web about their product, including on Reddit where some users have discussed getting loans well into the six figures. In February, one tech founder shared on X that a Stripe Capital loan had been very beneficial for his business.

Originally, Stripe offered a merchant cash advance but has since switched to doing revenue-based loans. In both cases, merchants pay by Stripe withholding a percentage of their card sales in what’s known industry-wide as a split.

Last modified: April 15, 2024

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