GoDaddy Enables Any Website Domain To Accept Payments

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“Hey, do you have a Zelle or Venmo or Website?”

godaddyGoDaddy, the domain name registrar and popular website hosting service, has jumped into the fray to offer website owners a new easy way to receive payments. Although the new feature is called a “crypto wallet” it can accept more than just ether. That’s because one of the most popular currencies being used on the Ethereum blockchain today is USDC, a digital dollar that is fully backed by real dollars.

Specifically, GoDaddy is allowing any website domain owner to use their domain name as a crypto wallet address. That means instead of relying on someone’s Zelle or Venmo address, you can just send funds (ether, USDC or more) to the domain name of the website, like for example. Again, “crypto” doesn’t necessarily mean exotic coins since the blockchain can facilitate the transfer of digital dollars as well.

To try it, just go to the DNS settings in your GoDaddy account, click the “Crypto Wallet” tab, and then just click the “turn on” button and enter in your Ethereum address in the next field. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Now your website domain name can accept payments over the blockchain. It assumes you have an Ethereum address already, which if you don’t well then that’s an article for another day as that all happens outside of GoDaddy. In the meantime, see the below guide:

godaddy payments

godaddy payments

godaddy payments

Last modified: February 22, 2024
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