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broker battleHow will the Broker Battle at deBanked CONNECT MIAMI work?

Round 1
Each of the 6 contestants goes individually in front of the 4 judges for a span of about 3 minutes. They begin with a very brief opening pitch and then the judges ask them questions. Each contestant can choose from 1 of 3 pre-defined scenarios so that they, the judges, and audience have a basic framework to work with. The MC will announce which scenario the contestant has chosen before the contestant goes so that the audience is aware.

Judges will rank each contestant from a score of 1-10. 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest. After all six contestants have gone, the totals of each candidate will be tallied up. For example, if someone received a score of 6,8,5,and 9, their total score is 28. The contestants with the top 2 combined scores go to the final round. If there is a tie for the top 2 spots, the audience will decide the winner by crowd noise/enthusiasm.

Championship Round
Both contestants are on the stage at the same time in front of the 4 judges. They will be given the same scenario, which will be revealed and announced on stage right before they go. They will each individually begin with a very brief opening pitch whereby they will then field questions from not only the judges but also be given the opportunity to give rebuttals to their competitor’s statements.

Each of the 4 judges will pick their favorite. If it is tied 2-2, the audience will decide the winner by crowd noise/enthusiasm.

The winner gets a $5,000 grand prize and the designation of Top Broker.

The Broker Battle is the final event at deBanked CONNECT MIAMI on Thursday. It starts at 5:10pm. While there will be cameras, it will not be livestreamed. Anyone hoping to see it will need to have a ticket. Please review this post I made in regards to the disclosure of any perceived conflicts of interest. None of the contestants paid to enter. As someone who has worked professionally with 200+ companies in the industry over the span of 18 years, I am unable to play favorites even if I wanted to. I have no idea what will happen but I will be MCing it. This will be a good clean fight!

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