California On Verge of Passing Another Commercial Financing Bill

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california state capitolComplying with the recent California commercial financing disclosure law? Great! Get ready for another one. Senate Bill 666 (unfortunate number choice) has been making its way through the state legislature since February and is approaching a final vote.

The bill would prohibit covered entities from charging:

(a) A fee for accepting or processing a payment required by the terms of the commercial financing contract as an automated clearinghouse transfer debit, except for a fee imposed for a payment by an automated clearinghouse transfer that fails because of insufficient funds in the transferor’s account.

(b) A fee for providing a small business with documentation prepared by the covered entity that contains a statement of the amount due to satisfy the remaining amount owed, including, but not limited to, interest accrued to the date the statement is prepared and a means of calculating per diem interest accruing thereafter.

(c) A fee in addition to an origination fee that does not have a clear corresponding service provided for the fee, including, but not limited to, a risk assessment, due diligence, or platform fee.

(d) A fee for monitoring the small business’s collateral, unless the underlying commercial financing transaction is delinquent for more than 60 days.

(e) A fee for filing or terminating a lien filed in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code against the business’s assets that exceeds 150 percent of the cost of the filing or termination.

Overall, the bill is not that extreme. The bill can be viewed and tracked here.

Last modified: September 12, 2023

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