A Side Effect of New State Laws? Registry Lookups

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dailyfunderDailyFunder, the original funder’s forum since 2012, will include links to governmental registries on its site. Among the first two to be added are California and Virginia. The purpose is to serve as a reference point to verify a funder or lender’s claims. Additional states like Utah and New York will follow. Brokers and referral partners should use all the tools at their disposal to conduct due diligence on whomever they are considering to work with.

“‘The ‘I saw them in the courts’ or ‘I saw them in banks’ method isn’t exactly proof of legitimacy,'” a post on the forum stated.

DailyFunder also recently shared that it is experiencing a rather vibrant burst of interest. The forum logged 2.3 million page views in 2022 and this year is on pace for 3 million, it claims.

Last modified: April 21, 2023

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