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Bitty Advance“It’s a new product, it’s a new pricing structure, for deals that are $20,000 up to $125,000,” said Daniel Dames, VP of Operations at Bitty Advance.

Bitty Advance formally announced at deBanked Connect Miami that they will now be taking on bigger deals up to $125,000. They had started doing a few big deals back in November with select partners but now their new product, known as “Big Bitty,” is in full effect. Historically, the company had focused on microfunding, now known as “Core Bitty,” which they will still continue to do.

Better rates, longer terms, and lower fees is the new approach Bitty is taking with increased funding, according to Dames, and it calls for a bit more diligence on the underwriting and funding side. A merchant interview is required with Big Bitty as opposed to the strictly automated process enjoyed with Core Bitty, for example.

“This is Bitty, this is just a new product,” said Dames. “You submit the same way, you do everything the same way that you’re used to, really the difference is they see the numbers, they see the larger amount, they see the lower fees, they see the better rates, and they see the longer terms.”

Big Bitty isn’t just about doing bigger deals for the sake of doing bigger deals. Dames explained that they witnessed the challenges brokers face when having to send deals to multiple places and they recognized the value of being a one-stop shop for them.

Last modified: February 1, 2023
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