Amazon’s Business Loan Trajectory

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AmazonAccording to documents purportedly obtained by Business Insider, Amazon plans to increase its business loan operations in 2023, estimating that loan receivables will eventually exceed $2B. Insider also says that its expected loss rate is 1.34%.

The receivable figure would not be all that surprising as Amazon as been on a steady trajectory upwards over the last decade with the exception of 2020 when covid struck. Its receivables reached $1.4B in Q3 2022. The year-end figure has not yet been released. $2B+ for 2023 would be in line with the historical trend.

2016: $661M
2017: $692M
2018: $710M
2019: $863M
2020: $381M (covid)
2021: $1B
2022 (Q3): $1.4B

Not counted in these figures is financing to Amazon sellers conducted through a third party. Amazon recently teamed up with Parafin on merchant cash advances, Lendistry for Business Loans, and Marcus for lines of credit, for example. Data on funding from these parties is a little more difficult to come by.

Last modified: April 30, 2023

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