deBanked’s Most Watched Videos of 2022

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deBanked TV continued its strong showing throughout 2022. For the second time ever, we’ve ranked the most watched videos for the year.

1. Equipping The Dream

deBanked debuted a sales-based reality show called Equipping the Dream, a real inside experience of an equipment finance sales shop. Episode #1 was not only the most watched video on deBanked for the year, it was the most viewed piece of content on deBanked for the year period. Episodes 1-6 also managed to fall within the top 7 most watched videos for the year as well, all of them beating out every other single video except one. If you haven’t watched it, do you even work in small business finance sales?! Episode 1 | All Episodes Here

2. Merchant Cash Advance’s Big Day – The David Goldin Story

The only video to compete with episodes of Equipping the Dream was the documentary on David Goldin’s journey to winning a landmark patent lawsuit that allowed the merchant cash advance industry to grow into what it became. You can’t work in the industry and not know this amazing piece of history!

3. Banned From the MCA Industry

A discussion about an FTC settlement order banning individuals from the MCA industry was among the most watched videos of 2022.

4. Brokering Small Business Funding in 2022

deBanked interviewed two small business finance brokers to gather their thoughts on the state of the industry.

5. Virginia Disclosure Law Discussed

On June 30, 2022, we at deBanked discussed as much as we knew about the Virginia disclosure law one day before it went into effect. Are you complying with the law there?!



Last modified: December 19, 2022

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