IOU Financial Originated $59.6M in Loans in Q1 2022

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iou homepageIOU Financial is experiencing tremendous growth. The small business lender revealed that it originated $59.6M in loans in just the first quarter of 2022. In its quarterly earnings report, it set a target range of $220M to $260M in originations for the whole year of 2022. This would be a massive increase over its loan originations last year when it set a personal record of $161.5M.

Separately, the company is profitable. IOU achieved net earnings of $3.7M on an IFRS basis. It also had $119.5M in loans under management as of year-end 2021.

“The Company attributes a significant portion of its strong growth in loan originations to its successful transition from a balance sheet strategy (under which the Company traditionally funded loans to its balance sheet) to a marketplace strategy under which new loan originations are primarily being sold to institutional purchasers,” IOU said in its official announcement.

“IOU’s marketplace strategy allowed the Company to originate significantly more volume in 2021 than would have previously been possible under the financial limitations of a balance sheet strategy,” said Robert Gloer, President and CEO of IOU. “This has proven to be a win-win that has in turn given us the financial latitude to repurchase approximately $3.7 million in convertible debentures in 2021 and invest in strategic growth initiatives as part of our Post-Pandemic Growth Plan.”

Last modified: April 27, 2022

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