Reality TV Loan Broker Shares What Happened After the Show

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Juan Carlos MarcanoJuan Carlos Marcano’s experience on Equipping the Dream has given his loan brokering career a major jumpstart.

In a chat with Juan Carlos Marcano this week, the Equipping The Dream broker who became a fan favorite for his personality and demeanor, it was learned that he’s been up to some interesting stuff since he appeared in deBanked’s first reality show. While operating JFK Business Financing in Dallas, Texas, Marcano shared that he is still in cahoots with some of the other participants in the show.

“I closed five deals last week,” said Marcano, when asked about what happened after he left the training office of Everlasting Capital. “After filming the show, I started with Will and Josh,” he said in reference to the two partners of Everlasting Capital. “They sent me leads, and I started closing.”

When asked what the Spanish speaking merchant needs most out of the small business financing industry, and more so Spanish speaking brokers like him, Marcano spoke about how these merchants just need service above all else. He spoke about how because of the language barrier, many of these merchants don’t have access to the same type of capital as an english-speaking business because there are not many people out there to go ask for it in their language.

Juan Carlos MarcanoMarcano awaited the final results of the one-week training competition at Everlasting Capital while wearing the flag of Venezuela as a cape, his native country.

When asked if he is working exclusively with the brokerage from the show or if has future plans to expand his business, Juan spoke like a true broker. “I’m open to hearing from other funders and brokers about doing more deals,” he said.

“I will use the leads I get from [Everlasting] to help build my business in that industry,” said Marcano. “I’m starting to get better and better. When I get my cash flow going on and up, I’m setting a plan with a strategy to build my own details. I just need to get better with my website, social media, everything here is marketing.”

He said one major advantage of being a small shop is the potential he has as a broker in where he can live and do business. Currently a Dallas resident, Marcano sees a future in multiple cities. “I want to open up businesses in Miami,” he said, “but as I think about it, I’d like to open up a business in New York too.”

When asked about how he will compete with big tech’s emergence into small business lending, Marcano highlighted customer service and personality are the key to success for companies like his.

“For me, it’s all about providing great service. It’s all about five star service.”

You can meet Marcano at deBanked Connect Miami on March 24, where he alongside the cast of Equipping the Dream will be in attendance.

Last modified: March 18, 2022
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