Kabbage Co-founder Rob Frohwein Steps Down from the Company

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kabbageRob Frohwein, who served as the CEO of Kabbage for more than a decade, has left the company. A post he published on social media revealed that his last day was December 17th.

“I didn’t make a big deal – the company has always been about our customers & our employees – and never about any person,” Frohwein said about the quiet exit.

The move is not altogether unsurprising. American Express acquired Kabbage in August 2020 after covid heavily disrupted its small business financing business. Amex first reintroduced Kabbage as a checking account brand and only just recently resurrected its funding operations.

That re-emergence was the catalyst to move, according to Frohwein.

“Why now? Lots of blah blah blahs but it’s the right time,” he wrote. “We’ve relaunched our products with Amex. Now, it’s time to fully devote myself to being an entrepreneur once again.”

Frohwein has kept busy on the side as an advisor & investor in SentiLink, the vice chair of StimLabs, and the CEO of Drum Technologies, Inc, according to his profile, but he apparently has even more plans in the works.

“So what now? Well, I’m pretty excited for what is next. Keep a lookout!”

The benign salutation may actually be a nod to what his next venture is. We’ll see…

Last modified: January 7, 2022
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