MJ Capital Now Alleged to Be $200M+ Ponzi Scheme

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SEC BuildingEver since the SEC sued MJ Capital Funding, LLC in August, more information has been revealed about the potential size and scope of the alleged fraud. It was originally estimated that between $70M – $129M was raised by MJ Capital from over 2,150 investors. But now with access to the books and records, investigators believe it is much much higher.

“From the Receiver’s preliminary investigation, it appears that at least 5,500 investors were induced by Johanna Garcia and over 400 promoters to invest as much as $200,000,000 in this Ponzi scheme,” Court filings state.

If true, that would likely make it the largest fraud in the industry’s history. And it’s been a mess trying to recover the funds, it seems.

“Though several individuals have agreed to return funds and other assets to the Receiver, many others have not, and several continue to mislead the victims by counseling them not to register their claims on the Receiver’s website and advising them that the Receivership Defendants’ business will reopen and that is how they will be repaid.”

The loyalty that many investors feel towards MJ Capital’s former CEO is evident by the raw number of signatures attached to a Change.org petition to offer her sympathy and support. 3,243 names say they support her and her mission to unfreeze the money, which is not going to happen.

Those impacted appear confused as to why the company is in trouble in the first place simply because checks were still being sent out to investors at the time the SEC action took place.

The Receiver says that it’s because MJ Capital “had little in the way of actual MCA business, and could not possibly sustain the promised repayments to investors plus the ‘referral fees’ to promoters. Rather, they were paying these amounts with funds raised from new investors, in classic Ponzi scheme fashion.”

In other words, the checks were bound to stop coming eventually, because there was no actual underlying business.

The alleged fraud is now so large that the SEC has asked the Court for time to file an amended lawsuit. The judge has given them until February to file the documents.

Last modified: November 22, 2021

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