How to Comment on New York’s Commercial Finance Disclosure Law

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With New York’s commercial financing disclosure law on the horizon for Jan 1, the state’s Department of Financial Services is seeking input on how the law should officially be rolled out. Their draft was published on September 21st. Directions for how to submit a comment were said to be forthcoming, but the when and how to do that, were not easily discernible.

The DFS website says that comments should be submitted via email to George Bogdan, but that the time to do that has already expired, the deadline having been October 1st.

A spokesperson for DFS on social media, however, said that comments on the law can be sent to:

This process of emailing comments contrasts with processes at the federal level which typically employ formal portals. While it may apparently be too late, anyone that had hoped to contribute their feedback but didn’t get to, could try the above contacts.

Last modified: October 4, 2021
Sean Murray

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