Square Capital Lends $155M to Small Businesses in Q3

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Square Capital loaned $155M in Q3, according to the company’s latest earnings report.

“We paused new flex loan offers until the end of July and, upon resuming offers, we were measured in ramping origination volumes in August and September,” the company said. The $155M originated was spread out across 35,000 loans.

The figure puts them slightly ahead of OnDeck ($148M) for the quarter but well below Shopify Capital ($252M)


Company Q1 2020 Q2 Q3 YTD TOTAL
PayPal $1.3B
OnDeck $592M $66M $144M $806M
Square Capital $548M $0 $155M $703M
Shopify Capital $162.4M $153M $252.1M $567.5M
Last modified: November 12, 2020

Category: Business Lending

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