Investors Receive Recovery Checks in 1 Global Capital Case

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money exchangeFor all the noise surrounding the collapse of 1 Global Capital, investors recently recovered nearly $112 million, equating to about 40 cents on the dollar so far.

“We continue to pursue collections where we can and legal actions where we can, and we’re working to see what else we can garner for the estate,” 1 Global’s trustee told the SunSentinel.

The sizable recovery thus far could probably be attributed to the large outstanding A/R the company had on its books. Although prosecutors have characterized 1 Global as a ponzi scheme, the company did legitimately engage in the business it claimed to and it had amassed a massive portfolio of receivables. 1 Global also still had a significant amount of cash on hand when it declared bankruptcy last year, a move it undertook mainly because parallel investigations from the SEC and US Attorney’s office had become paralyzing.

Approximately 3,750 investors have been paid out.

Last modified: December 9, 2019

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