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Frank Capozza
Frank Capozza, CEO, Liquid FSI

Liquid FSI announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with Stackfolio, an online loan marketplace, which allows small banks, hedge funds and credit unions to buy and sell loans. Liquid FSI funds mostly doctor’s offices, as a factor, and it also builds financial technology products to make it easier to fund healthcare providers.

Through this new partnership with Stackfolio, all of Liquid FSI’s applicants will now automatically be posted to Stackfolio’s marketplace. Since Liquid FSI is a funder, why send deals to the competition?

“Just like there’s a college for everyone, there’s a loan [or type of funding] for everyone,” said CEO of Liquid FSI Frank Capozza.

And for deals that come from Liquid FSI but are funded elsewhere on the Stackfolio marketplace, Liquid FSI will get an origination fee and a transaction fee.

Capozza said that their proprietary technology gives banks a far clearer picture of the finances of medical offices, which can be risky to fund because insurance companies often pay a fraction of what doctors bill.

“Now they don’t have to turn business away,” Capozza said of banks that have declined medical offices because of imprecise data which he says Liquid FSI provides.

From Stackfolio’s CEO, Pavleen Thukral, “We are excited for this new partnership with Liquid FSI. It not only aligns our view of the loan trading and origination markets moving online, but more critically for our clients, it helps fill a loan growth gap with commercial and industrial customer opportunities in the healthcare industry.”

In conjunction with this new partnership, Capozza said that he is in final talks with a 55-person, California-based brokerage that will help increase medical office applications to Stackfolio, via Liquid FSI.

“We’re the acquisition engine,” Capozza said.

He said that this brokerage, to be announced at the end of the week, will have its people on the phone and on the ground (i.e., pitching doctors in their offices). Brokers will get a percentage of the origination and residuals on monthly factoring transactions.

Last modified: May 28, 2019
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