Tiny Small Businesses Struggle More Than the Rest

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Main Street Small BusinessesThe average credit score of the owner of a “mom and pop” shop (a business with four or fewer employees) is 30 points lower than the owner of a larger business, according to a recent study conducted by Lendio. (Lendio defined a “mom and pop” business and having four or fewer employees). Furthermore, the study says that, on average, mom and pop businesses require twice as many interactions with a lending expert, compared to larger small businesses. This is likely because of problems with credit and other financial challenges.

Smaller mom and pop businesses are in greater need of capital, according to the study. These businesses represent 53% of the customers funded through Lendio’s online marketplace. And their loans account for 34% of the total loan volume funded, even though the average size of their loans is smaller. The average loan amount for a “mom and pop” business is less than half that of larger businesses.  Specifically, the average loan amount for “mom and pop” businesses is $23,081, while the average loan amount for larger small businesses is $54,188. Of course, a larger company with greater sales can afford to borrow more. But the $54,188 average loan size for larger companies may be a smaller percentage of revenue for those larger companies.

Speaking of revenue, mom and pop businesses’ monthly revenues are on average $35,000 less than their non-mom and pop small business counterparts. The smaller mom and pop shops are also generally younger, according to the Lendio study. Their average time in business is 5.6 years compared to 7.4 years for the larger small businesses.

Last modified: March 28, 2019

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