How to Turn Your Client List Into a Business Referral Network

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Left: Chad Otar, Excel Capital. Right: Lori Miller, LGC Interior Design

Excel Capital CEO Chad Otar was so impressed by a marketing company he helped obtain funding for that he turned around and emailed his other clients about the potential benefits of their service. As a result Otar said that about five of his clients actually started working with the marketing company, including Lori Miller, the owner of LGC Interior Design in Melville, Long Island. Excel Capital, in effect, started creating its own business referral network.

“[The marketing company] helped me fix my website and get me out there,” Miller told deBanked. “It helped me significantly.”

For a year, Miller worked with the company, which helped to expand her company’s social media presence, get her work into a showhouse, and get one of her rooms published in Architectural Digest. And this was all thanks to a referral from Otar.

Kunal Bhasin, owner of 1 West Finance, said that he will sometimes introduce his clients to one another. These are usually clients he has funded, but they could include a prospective client, he said.

Jonathan Casillas, founder of Casillas Capital Partners, an ISO in North Carolina, said he will refer clients to specialists that can help them. “Our direct job is to get them money…but if I see a problem, I try to fix it,” Casillas said. “And if I can’t, I point them in the right direction. I’m here to help the entire business, not just get them money.” Casillas said that startups, in particular, need a lot more than money. They often need help with structural parts of their business and Casillas said he will refer them to a lawyer or an accountant, or whoever they need to get where they want to go.

Last modified: March 19, 2019
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