National Funding Acquires QuickBridge

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David Gilbert
David Gilbert, CEO, National Funding

National Funding announced today that it has purchased QuickBridge. The two companies will combine back-end resources, including advanced technology, innovation and product development, but they will continue to operate independently, as separate brands. Ben Gold, QuickBridge’s founding President, will remain in his current post and will work closely with National Funding founder and CEO Dave Gilbert.

“QuickBridge has an unbelievable front end system that knows how to underwrite small businesses extremely efficiently,” Gilbert told deBanked.

Gilbert also said he was particularly interested in QuickBridge’s 10 year loan product.

National Funding was a minority interest owner in QuickBridge since the company’s founding in 2011, so this acquisition was essentially a buyout of five other partners.

In addition to the technology, Gilbert said QuickBridge’s people and its headquarters in Irvine, California were elements that made it very appealing.

“There’s a lot of great talent in Orange county and there are a lot of finance companies out there, so it’s going to be a great recruiting hub,” Gilbert said.

Given the high quality pool of talent, Gilbert said he believes he can scale QuickBridge quickly. Together, National Funding and QuickBridge have provided more than $3 billion in financing to small and mid-sized businesses and their combined overall financing volume will exceed $600 million this year, according to National Funding. QuickBridge has been recognized in recent years for its rapid rise, including year-over-year double or triple digit percentage growth.

The way that both companies get business is slightly different. Gilbert said that QuickBridge derives 75 percent of its business from ISOs and 25 percent from direct marketing, whereas National Funding’s ratio is the inverse, with a sizable direct sales team.

In addition to QuickBridge’s headquarters in Irvine, it also has a small satellite office in New York, which will remain. Of the company’s roughly 100 employees, Gilbert said that virtually all of them will stay on. Founded by Gilbert in 1999, National Funding is based in San Diego and employs roughly 230 people.

Last modified: October 2, 2018
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