ELFA Reacts to New Jersey Small Business Loan Bill

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New Jersey Capitol Building in TrentonThe Equipment Leasing Financing Association (ELFA) had its 57th Annual Convention in Phoenix in the middle of October. During the convention, ELFA’s Vice President of State Government Relations Scott Riehl left abruptly to get to Trenton, New Jersey. Why the rush? He had been alerted that there was a hearing on a small business lending bill that could have significant ramifications for his members.

“My whole goal was to find the sponsor, introduce ourselves to the sponsor and educate the sponsor as to equipment leasing in New Jersey, how long it’s been going on, and how important it is to the economy of New Jersey,” Riehl said.

The bill’s sponsor is Senator Troy Singleton who represents New Jersey’s 7th legislative district.

Speaking to the urgency of such matters, Riehl said, “You’ve got to get on the ground immediately. And that’s what we did.”

Riehl’s last minute trip across the country proved to be a fruitful one. He was able to meet Singleton that day in the hallway of the building where the hearing was being held.

While several industries have descended on Trenton to educate policymakers on the advantages and pitfalls of the proposed language, equipment leasing companies managed to carve themselves out of the bill entirely.

Reihl said that being able to point to the equipment leasing exemption in a similar California bill (SB 1235) was helpful. He and ELFA were also involved early on in making their argument against elements in the original California bill.

Having a history communicating with policymakers is also critical, Riehl said.

“The ELFA, for the better part of 25 years, has had a very vibrant state government relations division,” Riehl said. “And that makes a difference.”

Last modified: November 1, 2018
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