$15 Million Facility Allows for Growth of Breakout Capital Factoring Program

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James Mendelsohn
James Mendelsohn, CMO/CSO, Breakout Capital

Breakout Capital announced that it obtained a $15 million facility on Wednesday, with a fund managed by Medalist Partners. While the facility is not earmarked for any single product, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer James Mendelsohn told deBanked that the facility will certainly help fund the company’s relatively new and popular FactorAdvantage product.

“With the [FactorAdvantage] program, we work in concert with the factor and the small business to maximize the small business’s access to capital,” Mendelsohn said. “We work with factors to enable a factoring relationship with a small business.”

Introduced in January of this year, Mendelsohn said that the FactorAdvantage program generally works in one of two ways, depending on the client. If the client is new to a factoring company and the client has a tax lien or something that prevents the factor from working with that client, FactorAdvantage will come in and help finance a consolidation or whatever it is to prepare the client to work with the factor.

The other common use of the FactorAdvantage product is for existing clients of the factoring company that want access to more capital. Factors will sometimes provide additional capital in what is called an overadvance. But when the factor is not able to, or not able to provide enough capital, FactorAdvantage will provide that additional capital.

“The access to more capital [will allow] us to grow,” Mendelsohn said. “We’ve had February, March, April and now May – each month, we’ve broken our own record for origination volume. We want to break that record every month going forward, so this [facility] will help us have plenty of dry powder.”

Mendelsohn also said that a boon of the FactorAdvantage program is that “the tickets are much bigger.” The maximum financing on Breakout Capital’s other products is $250,000, while the maximum for the FactorAdvantage product is $500,000. Breakout Capital was founded in May of 2015 and also provides Business loans, SBA loans, Lines of credit, Equipment leasing and Merchant cash advance, among other financing products. The bulk of the company’s volume comes from their distribution partners, including brokers, ISOs, and more recently, factoring companies.

Based in McLean, VA, Breakout Capital employs almost 50 people.

Last modified: June 1, 2018
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