Strategic Funding Announces Securitization

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Strategic Funding Office

Above, one of Strategic Funding’s NYC offices in June 2017

Strategic Funding received preliminary ratings from Kroll Bond Rating Agency on four classes of Series 2018-notes that can be sold to investors. The notes are composed of Strategic Funding’s receivables, packaged together based on quality.

“It’s certainly exciting to be able to meet the requirements of a securitization,” said Strategic Funding CEO Andrew Reiser. “Kroll is a very responsible agency and they put you through a lot of rigor to be able to meet [their] requirements and have a rated bond.”

Andrew Reiser, Strategic Funding
Andrew Reiser, CEO, Strategic Funding

Reiser told deBanked that although their securitization starts at $100 million, it gives the company the ability to ramp up to $500 million.

“A securitization allows you to continue to grow without having to constantly find who’s the next source of capital,” Reiser said.

He spoke of a securitization in contrast to a warehouse line of credit, which is a short-term revolving credit facility.

“A warehouse line requires banks to bring on more banks [which] is more tedious. With a securitization, it’s a very seamless process. It makes growth easier.”

Only Kabbage and OnDeck have a securitization in the alternative lending space, Reiser said.

The notes will be secured by a pool of the company’s receivables consisting of business loans and merchant cash advances. This securitization is particularly unique as it is uncommon to securitize merchant cash advances since the timing of a cash advance receivable is uncertain. (The securitizations for Kabbage and OnDeck are not backed by merchant cash advances as those companies don’t provide this product.)

The four classes of notes, valued at $100 million, received the following ratings by Kroll:

A- notes ($65,394,000), BBB- notes ($19,131,000) BB notes ($5,777,000) and B notes ($9,698,000).     

Founded in 2006, Strategic Funding is headquartered in New York, with other offices in Boca Raton, FL, Arlington, VA, and Rockwell, TX, outside of Dallas.

Last modified: May 12, 2018
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