Lending Disruptor, Rocket Mortgage, Announces First eSports Sponsorship

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Rocket Mortgage has thrown its hat into the burgeoning eSports ring, Quicken Loans, its parent company, announced on Friday. The brand has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the 100 Thieves’ League of Legends division.

Citing a synergy between the end-to-end online and on-demand mortgage product and the “disruptive” world of eSports gaming, Quicken Loans CEO, Jay Farner said via release that Rocket Mortgage is “aligning (its) brand with a subculture that embodies what we stand for as a company – industry disrupting and groundbreaking innovation.”

The deal includes the naming rights to The Rocket Mortgage Team House in Venice, California, logo placement on the 100 Thieves team jerseys and integration into the team’s social media presence.

“The Rocket Mortgage Team House gives us the chance to practice constantly, call team meetings in minutes and build synergy both in and outside of gaming as a team,” said Neil “Pr0lly” Hammad, head coach of 100 Thieves, veteran LoL player and most recently the head coach at H2k-Gaming where he was awarded the title for the EU LCS’s Coach of the Split on three separate occasions. “This is crucial for maintaining a competitive environment, and by handing us the keys to this team house, Rocket Mortgage is helping us prepare to destroy the NA LCS.”

The 100 Thieves eSports team as founded in 2016. In addition to League of Legends, the club has also fielded a team for the popular video game title, Call of Duty.

As for Rocket’s parent, Quicken Loans, the Detroit-based lender is the second largest retail home mortgage lender on U.S. soil. The company closed upwards of $400 billion of mortgage volume across the country between 2013 and 2017.

Last modified: January 22, 2018

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