Revisiting Funding Circle

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Funding Circle’s SME Income Fund delivered profits last year not only in the UK segment, but also in the US segment, according to sources. As the UK is Funding Circle’s home market, it naturally generated more revenue from it, but the margins were actually a lot higher in the US. The Fund’s 12-month calendar year ended on March 31st. The performance doesn’t reflect Funding Circle’s operations as a whole, just the publicly traded fund used to make loans through the company’s platform.

The fund’s Net Asset Value has reached £164.8M, Peer2Peer Finance News reported. Investors received dividends equal to 6.5 pence per share over the last year.

Funding Circle the company, has not filed its year-end 2016 financials yet. As a private limited company in the UK, they’re still a couple months away from the deadline to do so. In 2015, they lost £18M on £23.8M in revenue, which they attributed to their growth strategy.

Unlike with Lending Club and Prosper, anyone investing in a Funding Circle loan in the US must be accredited. Funding Circle Securities is the affiliated broker–dealer of Funding Circle USA. Lending Club and Prosper have a special arrangement with the SEC to work with retail investors. As part of that, every single loan on their platforms must be filed with the SEC as an individual security complete with a full prospectus.

Earlier this month, Funding Circle hired a new Global CFO, Sean Glithero, who was previously the CFO at Auto Trader.

Last modified: July 21, 2017

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