Loan Brokers Have it Easy in Alternative Lending

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NACLB Conference PanelOn a panel at the NACLB Conference in Las Vegas, Tom Zernick, the President of SBA Lending at First Home Bank explained that signing up a broker isn’t so simple. They have to conduct due diligence on them in advance, he said, because ultimately all their broker partners have to be reported to the SBA. Brokers can receive a 1% commission for completing a deal and also charge a separate fee to the merchant on their own but the merchant has to be aware of all of it and all the amounts reported to the SBA, he said.

And even that might not be enough on its own, according to the panel that Zernick was part of. Brokers should be keeping a log of the services performed to earn those fees and the hours spent on each task, like an attorney would.

Contrast that with alternative lending where brokers and fees are not reported to any agency.

One good thing about SBA lending these days though, according to Zernick, is that when he started in the business about 30 years ago, he joked it could take about a year to fund a loan but that today in reality it takes less than 30 days on average to fund.

Last modified: October 7, 2016
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