Letter From the Editor – September/October 2015

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If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve got an executive on the cover of this issue. And why shouldn’t we? However alternative the industry’s roots might be, today’s small business funders are more like bankers than ever before.

But they didn’t all start off that way. Some of the industry’s leaders come from modest backgrounds outside of finance and we explore one of those stories in this edition.

Jared Weitz got his start in the industry at a company that was founded before the financial crisis. And that got me wondering if the funders that have been around for a decade or more possessed some secret recipe or knowledge that made them so successful. In The Decade Club, we reached out to several leaders to hear their perspectives and glean advice for you, the reader, somebody who potentially has not been in this business for at least ten years.

And if you’re new and just now walking through the industry’s front door, you’ll want to make sure your deals don’t slip out the back door. As some brokers have shared here, there is a potential for a deal to end up somewhere you may not have intended it to.

There is a reason that the term ‘deal’ is most often used to describe some of the business financing products we cover and that’s because at the heart of each transaction is a deal worked out between at least two commercial entities. A small business is still a business (just smaller) but there are folks that don’t exactly agree. I consider it important to point out the distinction and the extent to which the differences are respected in American culture. Even if you disagree with my assessment, surely there are opinions and viewpoints where we can find common ground.

A wide array of ideas has been shared lately and some of those have been expressed more vocally and more publicly than others. One thing that I have learned is that there is no perfect concept or methodology for success in this business. All you can try to do is serve your clients and yourselves as best you can.

–Sean Murray

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Sean Murray

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